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COVID-19 Service Options

May 24, 2020 0Courier

For all shipments during this unusual time, if the consignee or driver feels that it is safer to refrain from signing any shipping documents, the driver can print the name of the receiving person on the shipping document. Alternatively, some carriers are now using an electronic logging system to input the name of the receiving person or driver. In either case, these options will act as the official signature of receipt or pickup, as the case may be.

Similarly, if a shipment is damaged in any way or has a shortage of cargo, damage should be noted at the time of delivery, but it may not be on the bill of lading or delivery receipt. Using these alternative approaches absolves TRANSATLANTIC GLOBAL LOGISTICS INC from the liability of not having a driver, shipper, or receiver’s signature on shipping documents in accordance with previous practices and will be sufficient to confirm delivery for payment purposes.

Shippers, receivers, and carriers should document all pickup, delivery, and damage to the best of their ability in real time. We encourage all parties to take pictures of the shipment to confirm pickup, delivery, and the condition of the product at every step.

This post amends TRANSATLANTIC GLOBAL LOGISTICS INC’s standard terms and conditions until further notice.

We have been continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in the locations surrounding our corporate offices. As we see states beginning to lift shelter-in-place orders, we will be starting to return small groups of Team Members to their offices. We are and will continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC and WHO as we return.

Team Members who will be returning to their offices will do so in phases over a period of time, keeping in accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines. Access to our buildings will be limited to approved Team Members and all will be required to go through temperature screenings. Our offices have been prepared to the best of our ability to continue practicing social distancing. Our cleaning efforts have continued while our Team has been away, and we will continue to diligently clean and sanitize our space.

Being people-centric both in culture and services means the health and safety of our Team is of the utmost importance to us, while ensuring no disruptions in our level of service. We are eager to return to our offices to see and work alongside one another again but will continue to do so safely and slowly to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

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